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Cedar Meadows Event Center & Wedding Chapel

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About Us

We offer a full range of Services and have many Contacts to make your visit with us as pleasant and stress free as we can, 

We pride Ourselves in making our Customers Happy!!!!!! 

Look in the links Page for  Names and Numbers to the Vendors we use, they are very Reliable and Inexspensive!!!

Your always welcome to use your own

We have exspaned to an outdoor facility with a walk thru garden area with a walk thru arch and a beautiful backdrop overlooking a pond

I got here beacause of the need for a full Service place to hold Weddings and special events without the stress and exspense in decorating, this has been a life time dream, We love catering to our customers, We put you first !!!!! If you decide to choose us you will not be dissapointed!!!   

I am very dedicated to customer satisfaction. We are starting to have a Well know Reputaion for great services and prices around the Joplin area, We have been booking out of state clients also,


Our Philosophy
 God has  blessed Me With this Beautiful Place!!!! &  wants me to bless others, I treat each and every person ,Respectl  as you are as  important as the next person, 

 We believe in the highest quality Services for all of our customers. We believe our customers are our greatest asset, and we are dedicated to serving your needs.